February 2015 notes

Cathlamet Blanche Bradley Public Library

                                    Board of Trustees Meeting

Cathlamet Public Library,

Thursday, February  5, 2015 -12:45 pm



Present were Library Board Trustees Jean Burnham, Mary Bush, Librarian Carol Blix, and Town Council Liaison Hannah Booth-Watts. Trustees Stephanie Leitz, and Diana Zimmerman and were unable to attend.

 Only notes were taken as there was not a quorum. Approval of Dec. 4, 2014 Board meeting minutes and January 16, 2015 notes were postponed until the March meeting. January Vouchers were examined and signed by board members who were present. Stephanie Leitz and was able to approve of vouchers and sign them later.


Librarian Carol Blix reported that January circ stats were up. The preschool story time/crafts at 4pm has had varying attendance. Elizabeth Austen, the State Poet Laureate will visit Friday, February 27th.


Old Business:


•Three Board Members and the Librarian have reported viewing the Open Public Meetings video. We still need to appoint a records manager to be compliant.

• Computer tethers would be an economical deterrent to theft, that the town’s insurance would approve.

Item tabled until next month for approval.

• There is still a need for new at-large board member. Would a volunteer be able to also be a board member?

• The Foundation will ask Robert Jungers to help prepare the wood for the sign.

• The Volunteer recognition party is scheduled for February 23rd at 3:30.


New Business:


• The Carol to investigated a library funding district for future funding after the County Commissioners advised. She spoke with the director of the Timberlands Regional Library Network (They are not interested in us as a partner. They charge 41.9 cents/thousand of property assessments for services), the Longview Public Library director (They are more interested in partnering with us and they charge 39.1 cents/thousand for all except outreach services to the homebound. They might negotiate for a smaller amount since we have a building and collection.), and she will be meeting with Mike Backman, Hannah Booth-Watts, Carrie Backman, and Philip Vik about a funding district for multiple county groups (e.g. the County Fair, 4-H, the Swimming pool, Library, and ?).

• Discussed whether the library’s internet use policy needs revision or not. Most children and seem to be already connected on cell phones or computers at home. Carol should check with Carolyn Peterson and Shirley Lewis at the State Library to see what the policy is there. We can post a notice and otherwise inform parents of their responsibility to make sure they know hat their child is doing on the internet. Should we see about changing our Wi-Fi password once a month?? How would our adult patrons feel about this?

• The next meeting date will be Thursday, March 5th, 12:45pm, at the library.




Stephanie Leitz

Diana Zimmerman

Mary Bush

Jean Burnham

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