2016 Strategic plan

Cathlamet Public Library –

Strategic Plan 2016


Public libraries are about the experiences customers have with the staff and facilities as a community resource.


Goal: To increase customer satisfaction, library usage, circulation of local and e-materials, and perceived value to the community by ________15%.


Measurable outcomes of success would include:


  • Satisfied customers - measured by survey and testimonials
  • Increased circulation and library usage – measured by statistics and analytics
  • High value to community – measured by support in donations
  • Keeping pace with community needs – measured by survey and filling customer requests for services and materials.
  • Keeping pace with technology available to the public – measured by what tech patrons are asking about, bringing in (as much as we can manage and afford)
  • Adequate and stable funding – measured by increases in funding (levy?)


How to measure customer experiences/interests/needs:


  • Talk with customers: ask about satisfaction
  • Analyze local data and national trends for small rural libraries
  • Survey patrons and entire community
  • Try new things


Enhance user friendliness:


  • Welcoming environment. First impressions: Outside of the library, parking, What patrons see as they enter: is it personal and welcoming? Are there smiling faces?  Barriers? Clutter? Exit sign: libraries build communities
  • Materials relevant, organized & simple to find. How does our collection look to patrons? Signage? Visual clutter vs. Weeding? Show some face-out themed displays with signs. Give out bookmarks with room for readers to write why they liked a title for recommended book displays.
  • Enough computers available for patrons
  • Rules of behavior enforced
  • Staff/volunteers trained in customer service. Practice YES, AND…Give more than patrons ask for; direct them to the next level of engagement
  • Making any changes in policies and procedures for the benefit of all

Marketing library in the community: Services and materials available e.g. Advertise Wi-Fi available 24/7


  • Newspaper articles
  • Library Website
  • Facebook
  • Special programs
  • Speak to community groups
  • Partner with Community Center and community groups


Develop new services:


  • Color Copier/Scanner/Fax
  • Services and programming directed at various age groups: Adult, teen, elementary, preschool
  • Research resources available online or print
  • Book reviews
  • New tech
  • ILL
  • New genres



Current Mission Statement: The mission of the Cathlamet Public Library is to inspire lifelong learning, promote literacy, and improve the quality of life in Wahkiakum County.



Made possible with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Washington State Library, Office of the Secretary of State.