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Research Databases

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ProQuest Databases ProQuest Databases

A suite of databases on a single search platform:
  •  ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry (1971 - current)
  •  The Christian Science Monitor (1988 - current)
  •  Los Angeles Times (1985 - current)
  •  New York Times (1980 - current)
  •  ProQuest Family Health
  •  ProQuest Research Library
  •  The Wall Street Journal (1984 - current)
  •  The Washington Post (1987 - current)
  •  US Newsstream (1980 - current)

CultureGrams CultureGrams

Primary source cultural & statistical country reports. A leading reference for concise and reliable cultural information on the countries of the world. With world events increasingly affecting our lives, it's more important than ever to educate students about the world around them, and for college students and business people to stay up-to-date. CultureGrams provides country reports that go beyond mere facts and figures to deliver a one-of-a-kind perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people.

eLibrary eLibrary

Easy-to-use curriculum and reference resource. Delivers one of the largest general reference collections of periodical and digital media content designed specifically for K-12 schools and libraries of all kinds, as well as two distinct subject-based collections: ProQuest Learning: Literature and History Study Center. Includes more than 2,500 full-text magazines, newspapers, reference books, and transcripts, plus more than 7 million pictures, maps, weblinks, and audio/video clips. Educators can even search for resources that correlate to state and national standards, including Common Core State Standards. Includes:

  • ProQuest Learning: Literature
    Comprehensive integrated literary reference resource for original full-text works, author biographies, literary criticism, and more. ProQuest Learning: Literature provides more than 180,000 full-text works of poetry, prose, and drama from around the world. This unique resource also offers secondary sources such as author biographies and multimedia, as well as literary criticisms, essays, reviews, and interviews drawn from more than 100 full-text literary magazines and journals. All this in fully searchable full text: 600 years of literature by more than 3,000 authors, Biographies, criticism, Author Pages, Study Pages, full-text journals, KnowledgeNotes Study Guides.
  • History Study Center
    Thousands of primary and secondary sources covering ancient to modern U.S. and world history. History Study Center offers valuable historical reference material that spans from ancient times through today's current events. It houses over 40,000 documents that showcase historical events and provide quick and valuable facts for a variety of users from high school students to history scholars. History Study Center consists of seven integrated resources that can be easily cross-searched through a single interface: Study Units, Reference Works, Picture Library, Video Library, Web Gateway, KnowledgeNotes History Guides, Journal Library.
SIRS Discoverer SIRS Discoverer

Editorial-vetted online periodical, reference and website content leveled for K-8 covering interdisciplinary curriculum areas. A multidisciplinary database for elementary and middle school learners, researchers, and educators covering curriculum areas content sets such as current events, history, health, language arts, math, science, social studies, and technology. All newspaper, magazine and reference content is 100% full text, editorially-selected and indexed from over 2,200 reliable, high-quality domestic and international sources. The collection includes 9,000 integrated educational weblinks, and reference materials such as the Compton’s by Britannica encyclopedia and DK Eyewitness books.

ProQuest: Arts, Film & Music ProQuest: Arts, Film & Music

This resource covers publications on the arts for researchers of all levels. Subject coverage includes: Music, Theatre, Film, TV, Dance, Architecture, Art, and Design.

ProQuest: Business ProQuest: Business

Search across three databases, The Wall Street Journal (indexed), ABI/INFORM Trade & Industry (in-depth coverage of companies, products, executives, trends and other topics, study and compare specific trades and industries), and ProQuest Research Library: Business (covers publications on the latest business and financial information for researchers of all levels).

ProQuest: General Research ProQuest: General Research

ProQuest Research Library provides one-stop access to thousands of full-text periodicals from one of the broadest, most inclusive general reference databases ProQuest has to offer. Search from a highly-respected, diversified mix of scholarly journals, professional and trade publications, and magazines covering over 150 subjects and topics.

ProQuest: Health & Medicine ProQuest: Health & Medicine

Search across two databases, ProQuest Family Health (includes journals and magazines covering an enormous range of health subjects) and ProQuest Research Library: Health & Medicine (covers publications on the latest medical information for researchers of all levels).

ProQuest: History ProQuest: History

This resource covers publications on history for researchers of all levels. Subject coverage includes: Civilizations, Historical studies, Military history, Periods & events, US history, and World history.

ProQuest: Literature ProQuest: Literature

This resource covers publications on literature and language for researchers of all levels. Subject coverage includes: English, American Literature, World Literatures, and Linguistics.

ProQuest: News ProQuest: News

ProQuest news content is updated each day – customers have access to hundreds of full-text newspapers on the ProQuest interface with same day publication access to over 250 titles. U.S. Newsstream enables users to search current U.S. news content, as well as archives that stretch back into the 1980s. It features top newspapers, wires, broadcast transcripts, blogs, and news sites in full-text format.

ProQuest: Science & Technology ProQuest: Science & Technology

This resource covers publications on the latest science and technology information for researchers of all levels. Subject coverage includes: Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Materials Science, Computing, and Engineering.

ProQuest: Social Sciences ProQuest: Social Sciences

This resource covers publications on social science information for researchers of all levels. Subject coverage includes: Sociology, Psychology, Communications, Political Science, Linguistics, Criminology, and Education.

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